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Baby, It's cold outside
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Baby, It's cold outside

            With winter just around the corner, it seemed like a good time to point out a few good things to get done before the freeze hits full force.  There not hard things to do but they could save you a lot of money in damages down time road.

  1. FIND AND FIX LEAKS   Take a plumbing tour around your house.  Did you find any water anywhere you shouldn't have.  A small leak can get big quick if that pipe freezes.

What do you think

Ok, to start this blog of, Here's what I want to know.  What do you think of when you think about plumbers and plumbing?  In are travels around the Denver metro plumbing, we've learned lots about peoples opinions on plumbers and plumbing.  So we want to collet thought and ideas. So, tell us the first thing that comes to mind, be honest.  Hope to hear from you soon. 
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